Online roulette

There is nothing better than playing roulette that gives a positive charge and good money, if you are lucky! Our website contains a rating of the best portals that offer their visitors the opportunity to play one of the most popular gambling games in English.

Popular varieties of roulette in casinos


The most common types of roulette are French, European and American roulette. On some websites you can find very unusual versions of the game: multiwheel (several playing wheels), multiball (number of balls is 2 or more), track (with additional fields for betting), etc. Roulette types differ from each other in:

  • special rules;
  • marking of the game wheel;
  • number of sectors zero;
  • the possibility of placing oral bets;
  • value of bets;
  • existence of a commission and other aspects.

In addition to the above types, non-zero roulette, in which a commission is charged for each spin, is also popular. American roulette is not as popular as French or European roulette, due to the presence of single and double zero; compared to the above-mentioned varieties, the probability of the casino winning the jackpot is twice as high. The higher risk is compensated by the Surrender rule: players receive half the value of the even odds bet if the ball stops on zero.

In French roulette there is a special La Partage rule which is essentially the same as the Surrender rule. In European En Prison: when the ball stops on zero, the even odds bets remain for the next spin and the spins are returned to the players. Other versions of online roulette also have special rules that it is recommended to clarify in advance.

How to play: rules


The croupier accepts bets and starts the game wheel. The user’s task is simple: guess in which sector the ball will stop. Zero means profit for the casino: the bank is credited in favour of the gambling portal.

The game wheel is divided into 37 sectors (in American roulette into 38 due to the double zero). Users can bet on a certain number and its combinations (pair, trio, column, dozen, etc.). Beginners prefer to bet on even chances (the so-called outside bets, located along the perimeter of the table): red or black, odd or even, big or small. The odds of winning the outside bet are 50% and the payoff is 2 to 1.

Pay attention to the special rules (En Prison, La Partage, etc.). Be sure to read the technical description of the simulator and other information in the payout section. Unfortunately, there is no universal solution on how to win a million; in roulette everything depends on the user’s luck and the functioning of the random number generator (except in the live mode).  The GPAN starts the moment the player presses the Start/Spin button, it is technically impossible to calculate the outcome or influence the operation of the module in any other way; it all depends on chance.

Free roulette and roulette for money

In the vast majority of casinos, demo versions can be launched without registering on the website. In free mode, a virtual deposit is used, which is easy to replenish an unlimited number of times by refreshing the page in the browser or mobile phone application. Money earned will not be available for withdrawal.

In demonstrations users do not risk their own funds, but players are deprived of the opportunity to win money; both features of the game significantly reduce the excitement. Experienced users consider free online roulette to be the ideal way to gain the necessary experience in the game. Of course, you can’t win money this way; if you want to win real money, you have to take a risk. You might get lucky: some roulette users win quite a lot of money.

The standard mode allows you to enjoy a whole range of thrills and adrenaline. You can play for real money on the online casino website, on the PC app or on mobile devices. Only registered users can place bets.

Money won in standard mode is credited to the deposit without a wager (if not won through bonus funds or promotional free spins). The amount can be lifted from the account in any convenient way. The only drawback of the standard mode is the risk of losing your bet. Despite a certain probability of losing, most visitors to cash casinos prefer cash games that provide maximum pleasure.

Live dealer roulette

You don’t need to leave your home to play in the casino; you can do it remotely by choosing the live client in the special section of one of the most trusted portals. The live format allows you to feel like a guest in a gambling club and experience the full range of emotions of gambling entertainment. Instead of artificial intelligence the dealer’s functions are exercised by a professional dealer, what happens at the table is transmitted online.

The casino employee expresses his actions or accompanies them with gestures. The user interacts with the dealer through a special interface. The dealer’s duties also include the clarification of the rules, but we strongly recommend that he/she knows the features of the game in advance, especially for beginner players. For beginners, the best solution would be demo versions that allow you to pay for spins with virtual coins. In live mode, only real money is used.

With a live dealer you can play Russian, European, American and other types of roulette. Our portal contains a large selection of casinos that offer users favourable conditions, various events and many varieties of one of the most popular entertainments in the world of gambling business: try your luck with Wheel of Fortune right now!

Frequently Asked Questions
How to win at online roulette?
How to beat online roulette?
How to play roulette online?
How to win at online roulette?
You are more likely to win when you place outside bets. We would recommend sticking to these bets.
How to beat online roulette?
Here's the thing about roulette: you can make a lot of money betting on one number, or you can win a tiny amount of money by betting on lots of numbers. The more numbers you bet on, the higher your chances of winning.
How to play roulette online?
It’s possible to bet on any single number, a colour (red or black), odds or evens, sets of numbers such as 1 to 12, or any combination of these. Once the ball stops rolling and the winning number is known, losing bets are swept off the board and payouts are made.
Payouts are usually shown in a format like 8:1, reflecting the approximate probability of the bet.