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Blackjack rules: classic version

The player plays against the dealer. The participants in the game are dealt two cards each, and one of the cards belonging to the dealer remains open (in the case of a ten or an ace, it is possible to insure against blackjack). The winner is the one who has the most points, but no more than twenty-one. The player can double the bet, but in this case he will have to take an additional card.

The interface of online blackjack simulators has buttons for starting the hand, refusing to continue the game and increasing the bet. Having received two cards of the same denomination in the hand, the user can cut: split the trick and play two hands. The player has the possibility to collect cards before passing without any restrictions. The dealer has the right to stop if he has at least seventeen points in his hand. The limits are indicated at the table and sometimes vary greatly depending on the rules of a particular version of blackjack.

Cards up to ten are valued at face value, the jack is worth two, the queen three, the king four and the ace, at the user’s choice, one or eleven. Most visitors to online casinos prefer to play for real money, although almost all simulators support the free mode.

Basic gaming strategies

The easiest way to increase the chances of successfully completing a gaming session is the Martingale system. It is relevant not only in roulette: the player must add the amount lost in the previous game to each subsequent bet. For example, with a basic bet of $1 the user loses 3 rounds; in the fourth round, he must bet $4 to return the lost funds in case of success.


After receiving an ace and a card of a value higher than ten in your hand, continue to pick up: this is a so-called soft hand that allows you to show some flexibility when playing. It is recommended that the user with more than fifteen points should stop. Never miss an opportunity to make a cut, except when you have two nines or two tens in your hand; the game has most likely already been won.

Do not attempt to count cards. In a live game the dealer periodically shuffles the cards in a shuffling machine. In the simulator the deck is reshuffled each time it is dealt. There are other systems that allow you to play blackjack for maximum profit, but none of them can guarantee a successful completion of the game.

Play for free or for real money

The standard mode allows you to win real money. In addition to the reward, the player receives adrenaline and positive emotions. The money won is credited without wagering. Playing in the standard mode, users get the maximum pleasure from casino gaming entertainment. The only drawback of the standard version is a certain probability of losing money because of a hasty bet or due to the luck of the dealer.

The demo mode is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the intricacies of the game in practice. The game process is no different from the standard one. Bets are paid with funds from a virtual deposit.

The free blackjack demo account is replenished automatically or after refreshing the page in the browser. In the vast majority of online casinos there is no need to register; the user only needs to select a simulator in the virtual room and indicate the appropriate mode when starting the device. Due to the absence of a risk factor and the possibility of winning real money, the free mode does not seem as interesting as the standard one, but in this case the risk of losing money is reduced to zero. Demonstrations help beginners to understand how the game is played and how the various gameplay features work.

Live dealer gaming

Want to feel like a visitor in a real casino and get the most out of the game? Then try your luck at blackjack with a live dealer! The game is played on a remote table. The dealer duties are performed by a professional dealer who is an employee of the casino.


What happens at the gaming table is transmitted on the screen in real time. The croupier comments on the actions performed or accompanies them with gestures set up to overcome the language barrier. The player interacts with the dealer through a special interface similar to those seen in offline simulators.

The croupier does not see the user. Instead, the player can follow every action of the croupier. The influence of programmes on the gameplay is excluded: this is one of the main advantages of the live format. In addition, the game offers users much more excitement than offline software, where a software algorithm and a random number generator perform the functions of the croupier.

The live format is not the best solution for beginners. Live dealers only accept real money. In the live versions, there is no free play mode, so beginners are recommended to learn the basics of the game in offline simulators; otherwise, there is a high probability of making a mistake due to ignorance of the control system functions and inability to cancel compromising actions, for example, changing the bet amount.

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